The quality of Ciocomiti by your side

Since our birth we have received many requests from the excellence of the territory in order to have our Quality at the service of their image. From these collaborations we thought to create specific products so that all lovers and lovers of things done well to be able to pay homage to their customers and collaborators by supporting their brand to the quality of Ciocomiti. Many companies on the anniversary of Christmas rely on us for the care of the tribute to their employees.

Mini-box Ciocomiti

A small box full of all the quality of Ciocomiti; It can be composed as a duet of cubed pralines, with various types of filling. Handmade pralines, even in the shape of a heart for the most romantic messages. Being fully suitable for food contact can also contain bulk product, such as dragèe or covered fruit fillets, such as orange, lemon or ginger, Or with mini chocolate bars, of course our chocolate, Quality Ciocomiti!

Tablets with custom band

The entire assortment of our tablet types is customizable for your needs,
both 60g tablets and 100g tablets can be customized.

Custom praline box

In perfect Ciocomiti style our box set lends to a multiplicity of uses, in this case in version 9 or 16 praline. Fully customizable both on the closing band, and on the decoration above the chocolate, inside it you can also insert a slab of delicious hazelnut chocolate, fondant, milk, etc. A multitude of recipes can give expression to your gift, it is also possible to make recipes on demand.

FundsMi and mini-ciocomela

FondiMi, already the name tells of this product, available in various flavors is customizable on the entire label. Our mini-ciocomela is mini only in size, in fact it encompasses all the quality and passion of our covered apples, available in all references of ciocomela.

Covered fruit and custom dragèe

Soft candied fruit, crispy Italian hazelnuts TGT, the aroma of hand-roasted coffee beans, the hints of cocoa beans, all covered with our only chocolate. Ability to customize the entire label.
On request you can create an ad hoc product, even your own if you are a manufacturer and want to embellish your product with the quality of Ciocomiti.

Custom mini tablets

All the quality of bowls in a mini format, small 5g chocolate bars, even with creamy filling with cremino, bombardino, raspberry jam and many other variants. We have the opportunity to study ad hoc recipes in order to insert your product into our Chocolate.

On-demand plates and features

Within our laboratory every day we create new shapes and new flavors, a multitude of manual processes are performed with extreme attention to quality. We also pay close attention to the needs of customers, with whom we often and willingly develop products on demand.

Custom box and corporate packs

A practical and nice box, in which to insert all Ciocomiti products, you can configure it directly from the online shop by adding the article "BOX" and then selecting the required products. There are many companies with which we collaborate during the holidays and the celebrations to organize the pack for their collaborators and customers by including within it also trentine reality products of our magnificent territory, or products provided directly by them.

Customize our products!

Free up your creativity to customize our products.

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