High-altitude quality

Our high-altitude Bean to Bar is made only once a year in limited quantities using no more than 50kg of cocoa beans; many of our varieties are unique and available until the product is exhausted. It is among the Dolomites Unesco Heritage, a wonderful land to be preserved, born Ciocomiti, a company that since its origins has sought the way to convey this message through its products. Our high altitude chocolate "Bean to Bar" or "From The bean to the Tablet" encompasses the maximum expression of what the Dolomites represent for us. Genuineness is the master, only two ingredients: beans and raw sugar.


In our laboratory begins a slow processing with a grinding strictly stone, without stress for the product and at low temperatures to preserve the properties of the raw material to the maximum. Having become solid, our chocolate climbs entire mountains to the Tuckett Sanctuary in an environment that takes its roots back to where the air is pristine. Here he rests for at least two lunar cycles and refines his scents. At the end of this period our ingots return to the laboratory ready to become very fine tablets.

Fincas Las Delicias.

The selection of the roasting profile of a new batch of Ecuador beans.