Ciocomiti is a young reality that combines tradition, innovation, territory and passion for the search for authentic flavors. It was born and developed thanks to the attitude of its founder, Matteo. Already with an experience behind him in the world of wine and ice cream art, he began to build his ambitious project starting from a basement used as a small laboratory. From here the company has gradually consolidated to become a known and appreciated reality.


Ciocomiti has always pursued choices based on sustainability. The primary objective is to reflect the authenticity of the Trentino mountains and to protect the uncontaminated environment of the territory in which it was born. The headquarters was born on the ashes of an old building rebuilt and redeveloped with the highest standards of energy efficiency. Ciocomiti, alongside clean electricity, pays great attention to product packaging. These are in fact produced with environmentally friendly materials and which reduce the use of logistics and production chains. Raw materials such as fruit are chosen from qualified suppliers, they come from the short chain and, when possible, from the zero kilometer. Ciocomiti also selects cocoa beans, grown in various parts of the world, whose purchase does not pass through the chain of large commercial intermediaries, with an eye to market transparency.