This is the place where everything happens, where magic begins. Here passion, tradition and quality meet and every day create new shapes and flavors, to give new emotions every time. The best raw materials blend with the savoir faire of chocolatiers, here the equipment with the best technologies ensure a clean processing, respectful of raw materials and the environment.

Green Heart

The entire building is built with the utmost respect for the environment, built on a reclaimed land by Trentino Development, now certified climate house A, uses clean energy thanks to the photovoltaic system and the biomass heating system; a company with a green heart that brings high the concept of naturalness, sustainability and respect for each of its products. Here at our headquarters we also have a small shop in which to taste and acquire all our sweets and where you can see the processing going on in the laboratory. On reservation you can arrange visits with guided tasting of our best products.

Guided tours

We organize guided tours for schools, associations, families and customers, during which you will appreciate the care and passion with which we work chocolate. This service was also created as an accessory service for Hotel & Co.; through Us the Structure can offer a unique experience, a comprehensive path of Guided Tasting, even of our most exclusive productions.

Are you ready to visit us?

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