Ciocomiti cuveè tablets 60g and 100g

A chocolate that speaks for itself with every bite, the Ciocomiti tablets are made with our cuvée chocolate and the best ingredients to bring an unforgettable emotion to your palate. Our cuvée recipes for dark varieties and milk chocolate cuvées contain an accurate research for the balance of flavors, a careful selection of the various origins of cocoa and the typical taste of our stone-ground chocolate. The multiple references allow us to satisfy everyone's wishes, always respecting the Ciocomiti quality concept.

60g Havana tablets

The Havana Ciocomiti line has been designed for the smartest people: natural wrapping, practical format and all Ciocomiti quality. Available in classic milk and dark flavors, chocolate enriched with Italian hazelnut grains or with precious burp crystals. The easy format for those who love good things. Ciocomiti quality is now "Pret a Porter".